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Please refer to the homework charts listed under each individual course to see the dates for homework, assignments, quizzes, and tests.

General Information/Important Points for Parents and Students

1)       Homework is usually assigned daily in class. It is the student's responsibility to record it in their homework chart , and complete it nightly. A copy  of the homework chart is posted on my webpage for each course and can be printed by each student or parent. Parents are asked to sign it on a regular basis to indicate your awareness of your child's progress. If your child tells you he/she has no math homework, it is highly unlikely because math is a unique subject that does require extra practise outside the classroom setting. Students rarely get time to finish all assigned work during classtime. If, on a rare occasion, no written homework is assigned,  a review of notes  and worked examples is expected. One suggestion is for parents to set up  a “School Work Routine”  at home (preferably at the same time every day)  where your child can read, work, and/or study in a quiet place on a regular basis. In this way, there will be no reason for students to pretend they have no homework if they know that their  parents are requiring they spend some time every night at the books anyway.

2)      If a student is absent it is their responsibility to get any missed work, handouts, etc.

3)      For missed evaluations  parents/guardians should  ,e-mail , telephone or send a note to, the subject teacher  to indicate               that you are aware  of your child's missed the evaluation.  If I'm unavailable to take the call, please leave a message with the        main office.

4)       Because each math course has numerous topics, each of which has to be covered in a specific time frame, the amount of class    time devoted to an individual topic is often limited to a few classes. It is therefore very important that students do their    homework every night and seek extra help when needed.   

5)      Extra help is provided, upon request, on  Wednesday’s  @2:25 in  Room 119 (unless I have a meeting). You can also contact Mr. Fred Power to request free tutoring which may be available under the “Tutoring For Tuition”  afterschool program or the "TWEP" program      offered during elective classes during school hours. There are other private tutors that parents can avail of as well.

6)      Junior High Math Help Centre
Time :11:25-12:10
Location: Room 122 (Ms. Downey's room)
Schedule:       Grade 7 - Day 1 and 8
                Grade 8 - Day 4 and 11
                Grade 9 - Day 7 and 14
There may be a "Homework Haven" available to Junior High students every Thursday afternoon here at the school as it was last year.

7a)     The PowerSchool system of reporting grades, attendance,etc. is available to             parents . If you don't have a password or you are having technical difficulty, please   contact Ms. Kelly McCarthy or the administration.
b)      If you have access to the new system but can not access you child's math marks,
        please email me.

8)      The evaluation plan for each course I teach is listed below:
        MATH 1201:      Test/Quizzes-30%, Performance Assessment -30%, Midyear Exam-10%,                and Final Exam-30%.
        MATH 2202:      Test/Quizzes-50%, Performance Assessment -50%
        MATH 9:Tests-30%,  Quizzes-10%, Assignments-20%,  Performance Assessment-20% and        Final Exam-20%.

        MATH 8:Tests-30%,  Quizzes-10%, Assignments-20%,  Performance Assessment-20% and        Final Exam-20%.



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