Holy Trinity High School

Band Student Guidelines

Band Expenses

Parents of children wishing to be in the Band Program are required to pay for various consumables at a rate of $30 dollars per child. This money is due no later than Oct. 31 of each year. This money is needed to pay for new instruments, sheet music, festival registrations, buses, awards, accessories (reeds, oil, drum sticks and mallets etc.) maintenance of band-owned instruments, and other expenses as they appear. If a family has more than two children you will only pay band fees for two children. Please contact the band director if you have any questions regarding this expense.


All band members must wear their full band uniform at all public performances.
Concert Band Uniform consists of red band sweater, black dress pants, black socks, black shoes, and a white collared shirt.
Jazz Band Uniform consists of a bow tie (which will be provided) white full button-up shirt, black dress pants, black socks and black shoes.
Band members should take care to ensure that their uniform is neat and clean for all public performances.


All rehearsals/practices are mandatory. If you have to miss a practice during school hours due to a test please ensure that the Band Director is informed before the rehearsal. If you have to miss an after school practice you must provide a written note or an email from your parents/guardians to the Band Director excusing your absence. Senior band members receive a grade and school credit for participating in the band program. As attendance is a major part of the grade you will receive, it is important to follow these rules to maximize your grade. If there are three unexcused absences then the parents/guardians will be called to meet with the Band Director to discuss the matter.


The band usually performs at the following events:

1. Remembrance Day Ceremony (November, senior band only)
2. Graduation Ceremony (November/December, senior band only)
3. Christmas Concert (December, all groups)
4. NLTA Christmas Suite (December, jazz bands only)
6. Rotary Music Festival, 1 adjudicated clinic and 1 concert (April/May, all bands)
7. Spring Concert (Apr/May, all bands)
8. In a trip year, the Senior Band plays at a chosen Festival outside the province (April/May)


The Holy Trinity Band usually plans a trip every second year in order to give the students the best opportunity to raise as much money as possible towards their trip. Each student will be required to participate in fundraising activities usually held twice a year in Nov/Dec and in Mar/Apr. These will typically be raffle ticket sales on various prizes or money. Students who will be members of the band during a trip year receive more tickets than those who are not travelling. Please make an effor to sell all tickets. Each year the money raised from the sale of tickets from non-travelling students is used to pay for the cost of the prizes to be won. A financial record is kept of all money raised by each student who is travelling, and all money raised from ticket sales is credited to each students account. Each student has an account for two years in order to raise money for their trip. The more tickets a student can sell the less they will be required to pay out of pocket to go on the trip. It is important to note that through fundraising it is possible to pay for a student's entire trip.

In a non-travel year the students with accounts will be grades 9, 10 and 11 and in a travel year it will be grades 10, 11 and 12 students who have accounts.


Please ensure you only use an "Evergreen Recycling Depot".

Original receipts need to be handed in to a member of the Band Parent Committee or Band Director in order to receive your credit to individual student accounts. NO PHOTOCOPIES.  

Please note that all recycling containers must be rinsed out and have the caps removed. NO BEER BOTTLES PLEASE - MMSB DOES NOT PAY THE MATCH ON BEER BOTTLES - so please do not include them in with your other recyclables.  

When you take your recycling to an Evergreen Depot make sure you state that you want your money credited to the Holy Trinity High School Account before they start counting your returns. If you don't tell them before hand you won't be able to get your credit or your match.  

The receipt must clearly state "CREDIT RECEIPT", under Credit Receipt will be the school name Holy Trinity High School and the date and invoice number will appear below that. Remember if your receipt does not look like the description listed you may not receive credit for it.

Remember that you will not get back any cash for your recycling if you are having it credited to the school account, however MMSB will match each $0.05 and $0.10 return with the same amount, so the student accounts will get the benefit.

Please remember to put the students name on the receipt, and for your own records, you should photocopy the receipt (or take a picture of it) to ensure that the student will be credited with the amount from Ever Green Recycling and MMSB. The Band Parent Association will not be issuing receipts for the recycling, as we have to request the funds from the school, and issue a receipt to the school.

The School requests the funds quarterly from Ever Green, so it will not be credited to the students account until we receive the funds from the school. This will usually happen in November, February, and May. This may be important when we are doing fundraising for the next trip and trying to use these funds for payments.  

The school program through MMSB is not active during July and August. So any recyclables returned to Ever Green during July and August will not be matched by MMSB. If you don't return your recycling before school closes for the summer you will have to keep it until school re-opens in September.

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact a member of the Band Parents Association. Their email addresses are listed at the bottom of the main band page.